How easy is it to lose your way on a project journey (I ask rhetorically)! Yes, easy. Countless times I’ve seen vital updates, clear objectives, risk planning…[insert long list] slowly slip away into the void of day-to-day busyness.

In the peak of the CV-19 pandemic I found myself, and my loved ones, asking the same question everyday — “How many cases are there in my town or neighbourhood?”

I set myself the goal of building a solution to answer the question “How many cases are there in my town or neighbourhood?” Clue: I wanted to make it easy and scalable for my friends and family.

Google Dialogflow is a natural language understanding platform used to build conversational user…

CV-19 created a sudden shift in consumer behaviour, affecting marketing data and ML models. Learn how to recognise and resolve these issues.

Written by Victor Ma & Drew Jarrett

The global Coronavirus pandemic has, and still is, affecting most industries globally, and a lot of us personally. As a result, our behaviour — consumer behaviour — has changed, and accordingly the marketing data surrounding it. …

Data preparation is at the heart of a good Machine Learning (ML) model, but getting the data right can take time. A lot of time! Fear not.

To help pass on some learnings and make your process easier, my team and I have published code to support, speed up, and maybe even improve, the way you build ML models such as propensity models, customer life time value models, recommender systems… etc.

Super proud of the work David…

Drew Jarrett

Working @Google across SYD & LDN. Developer. Innovative. Problem solver. Passion for making a difference through what I do. Proud Dad of two amazing girls.

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